Alarm Systems & Outdoor Motion Detection

We are a family business with your best interests at heart. We are able to install the widest range of security equipment from the most basic systems to the most “state of the art” technology available in the industry.

Whether you are looking for quality security for your home, office, factory or warehouse, or you are in need of an upgrade or simply in need of a maintenance check-up for your current Security System…

Then you’ve come to the right people!

Our services include both the installation and maintenance of the following security systems : Alarm systems (wired and wireless), perimeter outdoor beams, electric fencing, CCTV (both analogue and IP, including off-site remote viewing), intercom systems, access control, gate and garage automation, security lighting and biometrics, fire and smoke detection systems including fire compliance that relates to fire signage, fire-fighting equipment and fire exits, and Concierge Guarding Services at high-end residential apartments/townhouse complexes.  We also have an accredited Health and Safety File which has opened up the commercial and corporate world to our business.

PSI Security also offers full SLA service and maintenance agreements to provide a complementary service to the initial installation tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Let our Family take care of your Family!

Our Services

Alarm Systems

A standard alarm system requires wiring and the pricing varies according to the quality of the product and the scale of the installation. The wireless system removes the unsightly surface mounted cabling.

Electric Fencing

This is one of the most popular first lines of defense security systems, and has application from the rural farming or equestrian community to high density residential townhouse complexes and commercial offices and warehousing.


This part of our business is very popular as technology is becoming more affordable, making it accessible to virtually everyone. We are able to offer a diverse range of CCTV systems from Analogue or HD Analogue, to IP cameras.


An intercom (intercommunication device), talk-back or door phone is a stand-alone voice communications system for us within a building or small collection of buildings.


We do not supply gates or garage doors, but specialize in the automation thereof. Everybody requires remotes from the moment we wake up to just before we put our heads on the pillow.

Fire Compliance

This Division includes the installation of Fire and Smoke Detection Systems, as governed by the SANS 10139 and SANS 10400 Regulations, which include staff that are accredited and registered with the SAQCC Governing Body.

Guarding Services

This is a specialized Guarding Service, as defined by PSIRA, and is limited to high-end residential apartment/townhouse complexes. We do not do Armed Response or offer Armed Guarding Services at present.

Service Level Agreements

PSI can draft and implement Service Level Agreements with Home Owner Associations and Body Corporates, including the Service and Maintenance Contracts.